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Water damage Lead generation

Water damage Lead generation

Roughly, 14,000 people in the United States experience a water damage emergency at home daily. It’s no wonder water damage companies are opening up everywhere, providing competition to the existing ones. Stiff competition means companies with poor marketing strategies will miss out on calls from any of the 14,000 clients actively seeking their services every day.

So, are you looking for a water damage lead generation company to help boost your website rankings while guaranteeing new clients? Are you hungry for growth? Our water damage lead generation team of experts at Magpie Marketing can make you forget about competing for leads by consistently delivering qualified and exclusive leads.

How Do I Choose the Right Water Damage Lead Generation Company?

When trying to achieve business growth in any field, professional expertise can be a game-changer. However, you have to be careful who you grant access to your company, considering some are just a waste of time and money. As such, how can you be sure about the water damage lead generation company you settle for? Here are some pointers.

  • Non-Exclusive Vs. Exclusive Leads

The right water damage lead generation company should be able to provide you with exclusive leads. At Magpie Marketing, we guarantee exclusive leads that can significantly improve your conversion rate within a short period. While non-exclusive leads are considered the cheaper option, they are less effective than their exclusive counterparts due to their low conversion rates.

  • Communication is Key

The water damage lead generation company you pick must at least be able to communicate frequently and openly address your queries. Will, the company you are considering hiring be easily available when called upon to discuss an ongoing campaign? Are you being heard? Will it be a long-term or short-term partnership? If they can answer these questions with clarity, the lead generation company might just be the right partner for you.

  • Return Policy

The water damage lead generation partner you choose should have a return policy in place if they do not deliver the expected results. At Magpie Marketing, we understand that lead generation is an investment and every good investment has to produce tangible results. If we don’t deliver exclusive SEO leads within 3 months or within the first month for PPC, we do not charge management fees.

  • Technology, Tools, People, and Talent

Modern marketing is much easier, thanks to technology and tools such as lead verification and SEO, which significantly boost your chances of reaching your target audience. The right water damage lead generation company should not only have the right tech and tools to help automate, manage, and optimize your campaigns. They should also provide a skilled team of professionals to handle all your campaigns.

A Niche SEO Firm with a Proven Plan for Success

Our team of experts at Magpie Marketing uses a proven three-step plan to leverage online and SEO marketing for water damage companies. We conduct in-depth research, help design and build an effective website, and build links within your community with our SEO and local search. If you want to partner with a reputable water damage lead generation company to help expand your business, contact us today via (800) 674-3775.

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