Schauspielerin Berlin

Schauspielerin Berlin

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Song Construction
The majority of choruses adhere to certain guidelines. I say ‘majority' because there are songs that ignore some of the guidelines and still win by the strength of their performance, arrangement and/or production. The title should appear in the chorus, in a way that, by virtue of its placement in the chorus and/or its degree of repetition, we know it's the title.

Trompete Fluegelhorn Lernen
Nach einer musikalischen Früherziehung genoss Simon Doetsch (geb. 27.03.1982) ab dem sechsten Lebensjahr klassischen Klavierunterricht. Am Gymnasium in Koblenz fing er parallel an, Trompete zu spielen. Ziemlich schnell begann er, mit anderen Jugendlichen auf eigene Faust Musik zu machen und Bands zu gründen.

Adrian Vera Music Singer
Join Adrian Vera, music singer and performer, on a journey to Latin America you won't soon forget. Listen to a cut from Adrian's Peligrosa online or watch the official music video of his latest release, Bailame to get a sense of his unique style. Adrian is a natural born performer with a rare talent for creating new sounds.

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